Melissa Kaylene

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Heroes Around Us

I generally keep the daily news topics far away from this little space I’ve created on the Internet. So often they are filled with tragedy; sad things that I choose not to dwell on because focusing on them only brings me down and quite frankly scares the living daylights out of me because I begin thinking of all of the “what ifs” and “what could happen” scenarios and when you have children, it’s the worst feeling in the world that instantaneously makes you nauseous and want to cry.

But with that being said, this time I can’t get Roseburg out of my mind. I grew up in Grants Pass which is a little over an hour’s drive from Roseburg. I’ve been in Roseburg many times, have friends that live close and grew up there, and my Dad currently lives 30 minutes from there now.  I refuse to write or dwell on the perpetrator or gun topic issues, because right now is not the time for people to argue and debate such things. I will however, grasp on to any tiny amount of positivity that I can in this grave event that has left many people brokenhearted.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tasty Tomato Tart

This shop has been compensated by #Albertsons. All opinions are mine alone. #StockUpOnDelMonte #CollectiveBias
This is a quick and easy recipe for a Tasty Tomato Tart! #Stockupondelmonte #Albertsons ad

Fall is finally here my friends! I know it’s been a few days now since it became “official”, however it’s just now beginning to sink in and I’m very excited. I’ve talked on here about some freezer meals that I like to create for busy nights, but sometimes when it’s crazy around here (in between the games, homework, etc.) I can still pull together a quick meal in less than 25 minutes that tastes delicious. I like to keep certain things on hand that I can use in a variety of ways, like Del Monte Tomatoes. I have their Stewed Tomatoes as well as their Diced Tomatoes in my cupboard and I use them for many different things, like stews, pot roasts, soups, and recently I used them for this tasty tomato tart.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Eye Makeup Tutorial + DIY Glitter Jar Makeup Holder

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Eye  Makeup tutorial + a DIY Glitter Jar Makeup Holder #LorealBeauty AD

Today marks the third week of back to school for us, and like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve yet to get any sort of routine down at all between the events and traveling I’ve had, but I think that’s all going to change this next month as I settle into a new schedule of having a solid 6+ hours a day to myself. 

One thing I’ve already been trying to do is get my house (especially my bathrooms!) a little bit more order because honestly during the summertime it gets a little out of hand with everyone here. The other thing that I’m finding nice about having the kids in school all day is that I have the ability to get ready when I want and don’t always have to feel rushed. Since we live so close to the Grade School I walk Emma and Noah there every day, and will normally just throw on some workout pants and L’Oreal mascara until I get back home, then I’ll get myself ready for the day and put my makeup. I’ve got a pretty good routine down for my every day makeup look that doesn’t take me very long, so I can get back to better things, like blogging or attempting to organize this house. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two Things I Learned This Week

Why hello! My name is Melissa, and occasionally when I find time I actually stop by on here and write! I know, sounds crazy right? I’ve wanted to write and share so many things lately, but I’ve just been so tired I find myself falling asleep while browsing on the computer, and haven’t been able to stay up and actually write a post for a few days now.

This past week has been a never ending circle of ups and downs and between trying to juggle work, the house, and the kids’ schedules – I was beat! I finally sat down last night before promptly falling asleep on the couch (oops!) and briefly reflected on the week's events - happy it was over. While I was thinking about all of the events that occurred over the past few days I realized two important things:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Wine Bloggers Conference: Day 3

The Wine Bloggers Conference: Day 3 #WBC15

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've hopped on here and said 'hello'! I'm finally getting back into a routine after nearly a month of traveling back and forth - I have so many adventures to talk about! Today I wanted to share day #3 of my trip to the Wine Bloggers Conference in Corning, NY last month. If you need to catch up you can find day #1's post here, and day #2 here. Be on the lookout - the final day #4 will be on here soon! :)

Saturday morning I drug my sleepy self out of bed to more sessions at 9:30 am, and after the sessions we were greeted with yet another tasty lunch. More sessions were held after lunch, including the second speed tasting. Saturday evening we all headed over to the Corning Museum of Glass, where we attended a live hot glass demo. It always amazes me how glass artists can create such beautiful masterpieces!