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melissa kaylene

In 2012 I had an epiphany. I realized that many of the websites that I looked at after searching Google and Pinterest weren’t just websites. They were blogs. Blogs created by companies and individuals.

I became intrigued. I’ve always loved creating things, taking photos, and writing, but it had never occurred to me that I could make my own website and share my ideas with others. I started researching “blogging” and slowing began teaching myself about the limitless world of blogging.

In April 2012 this website was created. It began as “Willamette Valley Wonder Woman”, which eventually transitioned to Melissa Kaylene in late 2014. When I began writing I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about – all I knew was that I needed to have a creative outlet. The first tagline was “Creating.Simplifying.Inspiring.” Creating the tagline kept me in line with writing ideas, and over the course of the past four years the tagline has changed, and ultimately I settled on something that just felt right. Something that could represent my style of writing and this website’s passion. When you visit Melissa Kaylene I hope to encourage you to:

At Melissa Kaylene you will find any and all things that will inspire you to make memories and celebrate life. Whether it’s a new meal idea to serve at family dinner, a destination that you have to visit someday, or just personal life stories – this website is something that I’ve worked hard on over the years, and my writing; my ideas; my photos; are my gift to you. I hope you will be inspired to experience life a little bit more everyday.

 melissa kaylene

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About Melissa:

melissa kaylene

Hello! I am a 1985 edition that doesn’t like to slow down much. I grew up in southern Oregon and moved north to the Willamette Valley as a teenager. My husband is a Vineyard Manager and we have three kids: Anika, Emma, and Noah.

Ever since I was a child I loved to create. I would spend my afternoons drawing and writing. I’d also spend summer days picking ripe plums off of an old tree on our property and making mud pies – so I guess you could say I like exploring outdoors as well.  As an adult I’ve learned to appreciate little adventures and try to turn daily life into one. I enjoy learning about food, wine, and exploring new places. Someday I dream of going to Italy.

In 2008 I attended nursing school and became a LPN late 2009. I work part-time as a nurse but am working on cutting back my hours, because between the kid’s schedules, being a PTA mom, and this website I keep pretty busy.

Have post ideas or have questions for me? Email me at MelissaKaylene@gmail.com or stop by Facebook or Twitter and say hi. 🙂

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